Time Management Configuration

Below are the steps for Compliance to configure their Time Management Calendar. Once these are completed, your Calendar is ready to use.

Step 1: Settings and Configurations

1. Go to Roster → Settings. 

2. Find the new added Time Management section at the bottom of the screen.

3. Click Configure Required Athletically Related Events to add, edit, or delete your RARA categories/events. Previous CARA Events have been moved here. You can customize the order of your events and state whether an event is countable. A checkbox allowing you to determine whether your events are “Allowed on Days Off”  will be added in the next Forecasting release.

4. Go back to the Roster Settings

5. Under the Time Management section, click Configure Playing and Practice Seasons and update your playing and practice seasons as you've done previously. If you need help with this see the CARA configuration article. This configuration is required for the next Forecasting release.


Step 2: Define your Segments

1. Go to the Calendar Tab

2. For each sport that you will be scheduling events on your calendar, you can define your segment for approval. You can do this by clicking Define Schedule Segment.

3. A pop-up should appear that allows you to enter the start and end date of your upcoming segment. Events within this segment will not be released to athletes mobile app until approved. Events added after the current segment end date will also not be released to athletes until a future segment is defined and approved.

Step 3: Scheduling your events

See the article Calendar Scheduling: Getting Started



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