Calendar Scheduling: Getting Started

Step 1: Calendar Configuration

Ensure your Calendar is configured according to the article Time Management Configuration

Step 2: Schedule a New Event

1. Go to Calendar

2. Select your Sport in the drop-down

3. Add a new event. You can add an event one of two ways:

  • Click the New button

  • Click on the day and time on your calendar

4. When adding a new event, a pop-up will appear prompting you for the following information:


  • Event Name (**NOT REQUIRED**)
  • Start Date and Time
  • End Date and Time
  • All Day check mark - By checking this, the event will be assigned as all day
  • Repeat -  This is where you can create recurring events. You can enter how long you would like the repeat to last.

  • Apply To - This is where you can select Active Roster* or one of your Groups*
    • If you select a group, the athletes that belong to that group will be checked off under the Athletes tab. You can only un-select these athletes when the group is un-selected.
    • Once you have checked off athletes they will remain checked across multiple events you are creating until they are unchecked. This allows you to schedule all events for a group of athletes without having to reselect the same group continuously.

 Step 3: View/Edit/Delete an Existing Event

 1. Click on an event in your Calendar

2. A pop-up will appear with all of your event information


3. To Edit an event, click the Edit button

4. To delete an event, click the Delete button


Active Roster -  The following changes to the active roster are reflected in the calendar:

  • Adding an athlete to the active roster adds them to all the current and future events tied to Active Roster, but it will not add them to past events.
  • Removing an athlete from the active roster removes the athlete from all current and future events but it will not remove them from past events.
  • There is no ability to filter past events by the athlete once they have been removed from the Roster.

Groups - Calendar Groups are displayed from CARA/Practice Logs. The following changes to CARA groups are reflected in the Calendar:

  • Deleting a Practice Group will not delete from the Calendar if events are tied to the group.
  • Adding a Practice Group will show up on the Calendar.
  • Adding an athlete to a group adds them to all events tied to the group after the date they were added, but will not add them to past events.
  • Removing an athlete from a group will remove them from all future events tied to that event but will not remove them from past events.

Day Off There are three categories associated a day off on the Calendar.They are listed below as the following:

  • Day Off - During the playing season, must have one day off from all required activities (not just countable activities).  During the off-season, must have two days off per week.
  • Day Off (championship segment) - Must have seven day period off after championship segment (discretionary period)
  • Day Off (14 additional) - Must have 14 additional days off during the playing season (including vacation periods during the season) or outside the playing season during the regular academic year


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