Using Continuing Eligibility

The new Continuing Eligibility module replaces all InControl Roster Management functions including Assess Practice Eligibility, Eligible/Not Eligible for Practice, Eligible/Not Eligible for Competition and Update Physical

Eligibility Status is now managed on a per athlete, per term basis rather than a per academic year, per sport basis.

This means Eligibility Status must be re-assessed each term.

You may also review the attached PPT Presentation from our Product Release Webinar below


Access new the new module from Roster —> Continuing Eligibility


Follow the steps below to mass update your athletes:

1. Check the checkboxes to the left of the athletes you wish to update

2. Click the Mass Update button above the athlete list

3. Select the icons to update Progress Towards Degree, Enrollment, Physical, Violations, Forms

4. Select the Eligibility Status from the drop down

5. Click Apply

Follow the steps below to update a single athlete profile:

1. Click on an athlete's name

2. Update the athlete's Eligibility Requirements by clicking on the status

3. Update the athlete's Multi-Year History by filling out the fields

4. Click Save


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