How to Send Mass Email to Recruits

Searching for your recruits

1) Under Recruits -> Recruit List you will want to search for or filter the selection of recruits you'd like to send an email to


Compose the Email

2) Click on Send Email which should be located above your recruit list:


3) If you want to use your personal default template, click YES on the following prompt. If you want to select from other templates available, click No:


3a) If you have selected NO you will need to select a template that you'd like to use by clicking on a checkbox and then clicking NEXT


4) Fill out the required fields before sending the email

-Selecting Primary Recipients (Athletes,Contacts, etc)

-Choosing who the email will be sent from

-Adding the subject of the email


5) Finish composing your email!

This next step is all about getting your email ready to be sent to all your recruits. When you are complete, click NEXT to see the email preview

6) Send!

If you are happy with the email preview, click SEND to complete the process.

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