Copy Calendar to CARA

To copy your calendar activities to your CARA Logs, follow the steps below or click here to watch a video:

  1. Hover over Roster
  2. Click CARA/Practice Logs
  3. In Select Weekselect the week you wish to copy from the Calendar
  4. Click Refresh from Calendar
    • Note: The pop-up will notify you that any activities logged for this week previously will be overwritten from your Calendar
  5. Click Yes



Q: Which activities will copy from the Calendar? I do not want all activities as some are not countable.

A: The “Refresh from Calendar” button only copies countable events to your calendar. If you perform the copy function and activities which should not be countable copy to CARA, notify your compliance office as they have the ability to configure which types of activities are countable vs. required.

Once your compliance office updates the types, click the Refresh from Calendar button to update the logs per the new settings.

*Compliance, click here for instructions to update these settings


Q: What do I do if I planned activities but had changes occur due to injuries, tests, etc.? Do I have to edit the calendar or can I edit the CARA logs themselves?

A: Once the copy function has been performed, you can make any update necessary to submit hours to compliance. Utilize the clear functions or additional activity logging features on the left-hand side of the screen as you have previously.


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