Setting Up Recruit Evaluation Tool

Follow these steps to set up the Recruit Evaluation Tool

Note: Any updates on the Settings will only apply to New Evaluations, not Pending or Completed Evaluations. 


Accessing Eval Tool Settings

  1. Hover over Recruits
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on Manage Criteria and Scale

Eval Scale

Using the slider:

            Click and drag to set the maximum score.

Using the textbox:

            Enter the maximum score into the text box.

Note: The maximum score applies to all Evaluation Criteria and must be between 0 and 20.

Eval Criteria

To add new criteria:

  1. Under Position Criteria, Athletic Ability Criteria, or General Criteria, enter the names the new criteria.
  2. Press enter or click outside of the text box.

To delete criteria:

To edit criteria:

  1. Click on the dropdown menu beside Assigned Position(s).
  2. Check or uncheck the positions you would like the criteria to apply to.
  3. Enter the Sort Order you would like for the criteria.

Eval Security

Managing Edit/Delete Permissions for Individual Recruiters:

  1. Click on ‘Select individuals who can update and delete completed evaluations
  2. Check or uncheck individual Edit and Delete permission checkboxes to manage which users can edit and/or delete completed evaluations
  3. Click ‘Submit’ when finished

Note: A Recruiter can only edit or delete their own completed Evaluations. They can always edit and delete an Incomplete Evaluation regardless of their permissions.

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