How to Use Football Evaluation Manager

You can access Evaluation Manager either through the Dashboard or under the Recruits menu (Recruits > Evaluation Manager).

How to Add a New Evaluation Task

  1. Click ‘Assign Evaluation Task’.
  2. Select Coach from dropdown menu.
  3. Search the Recruit(s) you would like the Coach to evaluate.
  4. Select the Recruits.
  5. Click ‘Save & Return’.

Note: You can only have one Pending Evaluation Task per Recruit per Coach.


How to Delete a Evaluation Task

Click the delete icon beside the Pending Evaluation Task you would like to delete.

Note: Deleting a Pending Task will also delete its associated Evaluation. You cannot delete Completed Evaluation Tasks.

How to Filter by Assigned Recruiter

Click on the initials of the Recruiter(s) you would like to filter the Evaluation Tasks for.

Click ‘Clear’ to reset the filter back to default.

Accessing Evaluations Through Evaluation Manager

To access Incomplete Evaluations or the Recruit’s Profile, click the right arrow to be redirected.

To access Completed Evaluations associated with a Task, click the the Evaluation to open a pop-up screen.

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