ACS Forms: Dashboard – Forms Feed

The Forms Feed is an audit log and lists all activity in the system.

The Form Counter and the Forms Feed are role-based. Counts will differ for users with different roles.

There are 8 icons located at the top of the Forms Feed. The first icon is selected by default and displays the unfiltered feed.

When you click to view a form, the form will show on the left of the screen while the Forms Feed will show on the right of the screen. By default, the feed shows all activity for this form.

The X in the top right corner of the screen will hide the feed.

When the feed is hidden, click on the paper icon to display the feed.

Click on the paperclip icon to see attachments associated with this form. Click on the thumbnail of the attachment to view the attachment. To delete an attachment, click on the X next to the attachment name. Add an attachment by clicking on Browse at the bottom of the feed and searching your computer for a file. Select the file and click Open to upload the file. Any user who has access the form can attach files.

Click on the pen icon to see the signatures associated with the form. The number next to the pen indicates the number of remaining pending signatures. Clicking the icon will show pending signatures. Form Administrators can use the X next to the pending signature name to remove that signature. Form Administrators also have the option to click on Send To More on any pending form.

Clicking on Send To More will send the form to one or more people/roles.
1. Use the checkboxes to select roles.
2. Enter a person’s name in the text area.
3. If applicable, add comments.
4. A notification will be sent to all form recipients.

View comments from the form by clicking on the bubble icon. If the form status is pending, a notification will be sent to the users assigned to the form or to the users tied to a role assigned to the form. If the form status is cancelled or completed, a notification will be sent to the form administrator(s) only.

If the form is pending, Administrators of the form can click on the Due Date to set or change the date the form is due. The due date is locked if the form status is cancelled or completed.

Administrators can click on the status to change the status of the form. Options include Form Pending, Form Complete, and Form Cancelled.

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