Compliance Assistant (CA) Export Reports


Many ACS institutions choose to utilize the CA Export functionality to transition ACS Roster information into your Compliance Assistant system. The benefit of exporting data allows you to avoid duplicate data entry, saving you time!



  1. Log into your ACS Athletics account and hover over your Roster tab.
  2. Click on Roster List.
  3. Click the checkboxes next to the student-athletes you wish to export to CA.
  4. Select the appropriate CA Export report from the Reports
    1. CA provides nine (9) reports to be exported from ACS.
      1. For example, the report titled ‘CA Export: Students’ will pull general student information entered into ACS for each student-athlete selected.
      2. To view which fields in ACS map to which fields in CA, go to Roster > Settings > and select either the Standard or Custom Fields to review the CA Mapping column.
    2. Click the printer icon to export data into an Excel file.
      1. Required fields to export include: UIN, First Name, and Last Name.
    3. Save the Microsoft Excel document as a .CSV (Comma Delimited) file.
    4. Upon saving file, re-open the .CSV file with Notepad (PC) or Text Wrangler (MAC).
    5. Highlight and copy the information for preparation to paste into CA.
    6. Log into your CA account.
    7. On the left side of your screen, select the CSV Import/Export.
    8. Select the Table that matches with the report chosen from ACS.
    9. Select the appropriate Action to Perform.
      1. If you choose Create, you may get an error if you are adding student-athletes already in CA.
      2. Choose Update if you are updating information for previously existing student-athletes.
    10. In the CSV Text section, paste the information you copied [in Step 8] and click Submit.
    11. “OK” in the Results section confirms you have successfully transferred your information into CA.
      1. To review the updated student-athlete’s profile in CA, select Student-Athletes on the left side.

Steps 7-11 are outlined in this video

Other Tips

  • If you choose to edit fields in ACS using the Custom Fields configuration, notice the CA Mapping field to the right to be sure fields are mapping appropriately.
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