ACS Forms: Forms Library Overview

All forms are listed within the Forms Library. Forms are created, viewed, modified, and published in the Forms Library.


1. You can select to view forms in Folder View or List View by selecting the option from the drop-down

Note: The Folder View will show you each folder that exists and the forms that are associated with the folder.
Note: The List View will show you a list of all the forms. The folder is listed in a column in this view.


Updating Form Settings
Form Settings are updated within the Forms Library:
1. View the number of forms In Progress and Completed

2. Update whether forms are published, pre-populated, or available in the Student-Athlete or Staff Portal by checking the appropriate boxes

3. Click the form’s Public Link

For more information about Organizing Forms, please view this helpful article: Organizing Forms Help Article

For more information about Changing Folders, please view this helpful FAQ Article: How Do I Put A Form in a New Folder?

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