Why are pending forms not showing in the Student-Athlete Portal?

Beginning of the year forms are showing as pending, but are not displaying in the student-athlete's Forms Inbox.

: A student-athlete has been told to complete his/her beginning of the year paperwork. When logged into the Student-Athlete Portal, the student-athlete does not see any forms listed in the Forms Inbox. When compliance reviews the All Forms section, it shows the student-athlete's forms are pending.


Possible Reason: A duplicate athlete may exist. If the student-athlete was archived the previous academic year and mistakenly added to the next academic year, there would be a duplicable record for the student-athlete. The forms would be sent to the first record created, in this case the archived student-athlete record. The Student-Athlete Portal would be pulling information from the active record, in this case the record that was mistakenly added; hence the reason why the student-athlete can't see the forms.


Troubleshooting: Search for the student-athlete in the previous academic year. Be sure to check the box labeled "Include Archived Athletes?" when conducting the search.


If the student-athlete appears, complete the following steps to rectify the duplicate athlete record.

  1. Delete the mistakenly-added record. Be sure to save any newly-added information so it can be manually added to the archived record.
  2. Unarchive the student-athlete from the previous academic year.
  3. Rollover the newly-unarchived student-athlete to the correct academic year.
  4. Send the student-athlete new forms.


If the student-athlete does not appear, please contact ACS Athletics for further assistance.

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