What types of custom fields can I add to the questionnaire?

There are several different types of athlete fields that can be added to your ACS Recruiting Questionnaire. They are:

1. Date: Display date in month, day, year. For example, 01/05/2006.

2. Decimal: Display a decimal number. For example, '12.20'.

3. Feet and inches: Display feet and inches. For example, 6' 3".

4. Number: Display a whole number. For example, '30'.

5. Dropdown: Display options in a drop down box that you can select.

6. Text Field: Display box into which you can type text up to 60 characters.

7. Time: Display time in hour, minute, seconds. For example, 2:30:31

8. Label: Displays a message; No information gathered.

9. Text Area: Display box into which you can type text up to 130 characters.

10. Social Media:  Choice of Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.  Designating a field as social media will create the shortcuts to their page from the athlete profile!


Use the following steps to Add a New Field to your ACS Recruiting Questionnaire:

  1. Hover over Recruits
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Click on Build/Edit Questionnaire under Online Questionnaire Settings
  4. Click on the Questionnaire Name 
  5. Click the New Field button
  6. Fill out the form with your Field Name, Questionnaire Field Display, and Type
  7. Click Save

*Note: Once a field has been created, the Field Name and Type are not changed.  You can always update the way the field is displayed on the questionnaire by using the Questionnaire Field Display.

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