ACS Forms: Conditional Validation

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How does conditional validation work?

Conditional Validation allows you to designate fields as required based on specific answers from previous fields. You set conditional validation at the top left of the Forms Builder screen next to Font and Font Size. 


Follow the steps below to add Conditional Validation to your form:

Add Conditional Validation (e.g. if question #1 is yes, then require these three follow-up questions) to your form as needed.
1. Click on the Conditional Validation icon

2. Click on New in the Validation Wizard screen

Note: You can also edit any existing conditional validation by clicking on the blue link of the validation name.

3. On the first line enter the conditions that must exist (e.g. if a certain field equals yes) and click on +

The condition is saved when a number appears in the left-hand column. Add additional lines as needed, by repeating the steps above.


4. In the Validation Logic section, put the line number and use “AND” or “OR” to state which conditions must exist and, if those conditions exist, which field is then required. 

5. Click Save or Save and New when finished.

In the example below, if the Calendar field has a date in it AND the Checkbox List Sample has Option 1 checked, then drop-down List Sample is required.

Note: The Validation Logic must contain a space between the numbers and the AND/OR.
Correct 1 AND 2 1 OR 2
Incorrect 1AND 2 1 OR 2

Once your form is complete, click Next Step in the top right-hand corner.

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