Why is an Inactive User still showing as a recruiter option?

When users are made Inactive by your Compliance Office, it is important to also remove their recruiter tag from the Manage Users section as well. This is why there can be duplicate or former coach names in the recruiter dropdown, as duplicate profiles are made inactive and not had their recruiter tag removed. In case the user had athletes and activity tied to them, they will continue to show in these lists until you un-assign them from the sports and remove their Recruiter tag.

For Compliance, follow these steps to remove the duplicate/former coach from the Assigned Recruiter dropdown:

  1. Hover over Settings
  2. Click on Manage Users 
  3. Search for inactive user
  4. Click on the inactive users Name to open their User Profile
  5. Under Assigned Sports: Recruits, uncheck the checkboxes for Recruiter under each sport
  6. Click Save & Return


Note: This recruiter tag is commonly left attached to some coaches for a period of time after the staff member has left an institution to ensure all recruiting activities that occurred during their employment can still be tied to them via phone bill imports.

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