How do I assign a prospect to a School or Club Team?

Follow these steps to assign a prospect to a School or Club Team:

  1. Hover over the Recruits tab
  2. Click on Recruit List
  3. Click on the name of the prospect to open their Recruit Profile
  4. Locate the School Name and Team Name links at the top of the athlete profile*
  5. Click the School Name or Team Name link to access your School/Team database
  6. Use the search options to search for the School/Team Name you wish to assign to the recruit
  7. Click on the Assign button next to the corresponding school to assign the School/Team
  8. If the School/Team does not exist in your database, use the Add School or Add Team button to add a School/Team to your database.


* If the Team Name link is not available (for sports that recruit by Club Team), please contact the Help Desk at or (800) 343-6220 option 2.

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