Why is my student-athlete not receiving text messages through ACS?

Below are a few reasons why this student-athlete text messages are not received: 

  1. Incorrect Mobile Phone Numbers - Please verify that their current mobile phone number is correct in ACS.
  2. Different Mobile Carriers - If the student has changed mobile carriers recently, their text messages may be affected. It takes time for all the messages to find their way to the new carrier. This is something that is out of our control.
  3. Unpaid Text Messaging - Is the phone a prepaid phone? If so, most do not accept text from short code phone numbers (which is what all automated services use to send texts from). They also may be out of funds on that phone.
  4. SMS Activation - The phone may have short code messaging or SMS turned off. They will need to check with their provider to see if short code messaging is enabled.
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