How to schedule an email campaign based on contact relationships

The option to send targeted emails based on relationships is available in the Recruits tab and the Roster tab. There are two different ways this may be accomplished:

1. Sending Emails at a Future Date

  • Click here to view a help article on how to schedule an email for a future date/time"

2. Setting up a Scheduled Campaign

  • Click here to view a help article on how to schedule a campaign


When scheduling a Campaign, a Saved Search will need to be created in order to select who the campaign will be sent to:

  • Click here to view a help article with steps on how to create a Saved Search


Once the Saved Search is created, follow the steps below to schedule an email campaign based on contact relationships:

  1. Hover the Recruits or Roster tab
  2. Click on Correspondence Tools
  3. Click the Schedule Campaigns button
  4. Click the Create Campaign button
  5. Enter the following:
    1. Campaign Name
    2. Correspondence Type
    3. Message Type
  6. Select Personal Contacts from the Primary Recipients dropdown
  7. Choose the associated Saved Search
  8. Select a Schedule Type
  9. Check the email template to use
  10. Click Next
  11. Select the appropriate relationships and compose your email.
  12. Click Next
  13. Click Submit Schedule

Important Note: This email will send out at 9 AM Central Standard Time of the scheduled date. If you would like to send out mass correspondence at a specified time, review the FAQ Article: "How to schedule an email by time?".

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