ACS Forms: Workflow

The ACS Forms Workflow allows Form Administrators to easily control the workflow of a form. The purpose is to simplify our Forms Builder by allowing the Form Administrator to establish the form workflow prior to building the form.


How to Create a New Form

1. Hover over the Forms tab

2. Click on Forms Library

3. Click on Create Form

4. Fill out all Required Fields as indicated in the above screenshot

Note: You will specify the number of signatures on the form in this pop-up


Workflow Tree

  • Sections are listed in organized Workflow Tree on the right side of the screen. In the Workflow Tree, each rectangle represents a form section.
  • New Forms are automatically configured with default signatures and buttons.

Workflow Tree for Athlete Form

Workflow Tree for Staff Form


New Form – Select Departments to Submit

  1. Click on the plus sign (+) to the left of each section of the Workflow Tree. This allows the Form Administrator to specify the workflow of the form. Departments will submit forms for approval (first signature) and then one (1) or more individuals within a selected department will approve the form.
  2. Note: On the first signature, “Who Can Sign?” is specified by department (“Who Can See?” is always specified by department).
  3. After the first signature, you will select the next signature in the workflow.
    1. To select an individual user, click on the pencil icon to check off the user.
    2. To add additional signatures to the workflow, click the plus sign next to “Add Signatures”.
    3. Note: Users in a department who are not specified in the workflow have the ability to access and sign the form in “All Forms”.
  4. Signatures can be dragged and dropped to move a section of the form or to change the order of signatures.


Completed Workflow Tree for Athlete Form


Completed Workflow Tree for Staff Form


Rejecting Forms – Send Back to One (1) Person Only


How to Activate the Workflow

Users edit each individual form to transition to the new workflow. Form will automatically migrate by adding each section to the Workflow Tree.

  1. Hover over the Forms tab
  2. Click on Forms Library
  3. Click on the Form Name
  4. Make any necessary changes to the form and workflow tree
  5. Click Save
  6. Publish the form 
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