Can ineligible athletes still access forms that have been requested?

Yes! Athletes that have had forms requested can access forms no matter their Athlete Status.

By archiving student-athlete profiles, you can restrict their access to forms. Click here to view a help article on how to archive/unarchive student-athlete profiles.

In order to change an athlete's status from Inactive to Active there are two options:

Follow these steps to use the Change Status function:

  1. Hover over the Roster tab
  2. Click on Roster List
  3. Check the checkboxes for the athletes you need to update
  4. Click on More... (skip this step if the Change Status button appears directly in the Roster List) 
  5. Click on Change Status 
  6. Use the Status dropdown to select Rejoined Team  
  7. Fill in other fields as necessary (Date, Last Participation Date, and Status Change Reason)
  8. Click Save & Return

Follow these steps to use the Assess Practice Eligibility function:

  1. Hover over the Roster tab
  2. Click on Roster List
  3. Check the checkboxes for the athletes you need to update
  4. Click on More... 
  5. Click on Assess Practice Eligibility under Roster Eligibility  
  6. Use the Practice Status dropdown to select Not Practice Eligible
  7. Fill in other fields as necessary (Attended Comp. Meeting, Meeting Date, Compliance Forms Completed, Forms Completed Date, Academically Eligible, Academically Eligible Date, Start/End Date)
  8. Click Save & Return
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