Recruit Form Integration

Recruit Forms Video Tutorial – Add Official Visit – Click the "View original article" link below to view the video tutorial!

Recruit Form integration allows staff users to seamlessly integrate staff forms with recruit profiles. As a coach, this gives you the ability to automatically pre-populate recruit forms and submit recruiting forms from a recruit’s profile. Additionally, you can easily search for recruit forms in All Forms using the detail search field! 


Submitting Recruit Forms for Coaches

  1. Hover over the Recruits tab
  2. Click on Recruit List
  3. Click the Recruit name to open the Recruit Profile


  1. Recruit Forms are initiated from a Recruit Profile by clicking the function button
    • Note: If your Compliance Office has designated a link between your Official or Unofficial Visit Forms and Activity buttons, click Add Official Visit or Add Unofficial Visit


Searching for Recruit Forms for Coaches

  1. Hover over the Forms tab
  2. Click on All Forms
  3. Use the search options to filter your search
    • Note: For Recruit Forms, you can enter the Recruit’s Name in the Detail search field to filter by each specific recruit

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