ACS Forms: Send to More – Form Administrators

The Send to More function can be used by Form Administrators who have a pending form that needs another Staff User role added to it


Follow these steps to update the Form in the Forms Library: 

1. Hover over the Forms tab 

2. Click on Forms Library 

3. Click on the Form Name of the Form you wish to Send to other Staff

4. In the Form Workflow, Update the Form to include a role for other Staff Members


Follow these steps to send the Pending Form to other Staff Users:

1. Hover over the Forms tab

2. Click on All Forms 

3. Click on the Form Name to open the Form Feed 

4. Click on the Pen Icon   (top right corner) to view Pending Signatures

5. Click Send to More to send the form to other staff users

Note: You may add comments to include in the notification. Comments are not required.

6. Notice that the coach role has been added as a Pending Signature in the Form Feed



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