How to Activate Caller ID - iPhone

Detecting incoming calls has never been so easy! Send an email to asking for your Caller ID Username/Password to get started. Once we setup your Caller ID Username/Password, you are ready to set-up the sync on your iPhone!

Please follow the steps below:

1. Click on the Settings icon on your iPhone
2. Click Mail, Contacts, Calendars
3. Under 'Accounts', click on Add Account... 
4. Select Other
5. Under 'Contacts', click on Add CardDav Account
6. On this screen, enter the following information:
    User Name: [Provided by ACS]
    Password: [Provided by ACS]
    Description: ACS

Once that is entered, hit 'Next' and you have completed your sync! You will now see your athletes in your Contacts. This will sync recruits and personal contacts only – they will be grouped at the bottom of your Contact list! 


What if I update a recruit profile from my desktop or ACSCoach+ app, will it automatically update in my iPhone contacts?

Apple's recent iOS upgrade make it more difficult for services, like your Contacts, to sync frequently because it uses up the battery life. In order for the sync to refresh your contact list more frequently, you will need to update the Fetch settings on your iPhone. The default iPhone Fetch setting is Manual, meaning you would have to manually refresh your contact list by pulling down at the top of the Contact screen.

Follow the steps below in order to update the Fetch settings on your iPhone:

1. Click on the Settings icon on your iPhone

2. Click Mail, Contacts, Calendars

3. Click Fetch New Data 

4. Under Fetch at the bottom of the screen, select how frequently you would like your iPhone to fetch updates data from ACS.

Note: The default setting is to fetch Manually in order to preserve battery life. Other fetch setting options include Every 15 Minutes, Every 30 Minutes, and Hourly

Note: Depending on your network connection, the sync might take up to 30 minutes even if your have a fetch setting of 15 minutes. 





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