How to Activate Caller ID - Android

Detecting incoming calls has never been so easy! Send an email to asking for your Caller ID Username/Password to get started. Once we setup your Caller ID Username/Password, you are ready to set-up the sync on your Android!

Please follow the steps below:

Installation Steps:
1. Open the Google Play Store
2. Search for “carddav sync”
3. Install the CardDAV-Sync free beta app
4. Open the CardDAV-Sync free beta app
5. When prompted to add a new account select CardDAV Account
6. On this screen, enter the following information:
    Server name or URL:

    Use SSL: Yes (make sure the box is checked as shown below)

    User Name: [Provided by ACS]

    Password: [Provided by ACS]

  1. Press the Next button after all of the above has been entered. Note: If the screen refreshes it means there was a problem with your account configuration. Please ensure you have entered your settings correctly. If you are redirected to the next screen it means you have successfully connected to the ACS server!
  2.  Next, please name your account “ACS Contacts”. This will create a group called ACS Contacts in your Android Address Book.
  3.  Make sure the “Sync from server to phone only” is selected to ensure all updates made from any ACS product are reflected in your address book.
  4. Click Finish. Your recruiting database will begin synching immediately.

Note: This will sync recruits and personal contacts only. 

Lastly, to optimize your ACS experience and to ensure changes to your recruits are reflected in your address book in a timely manner please select the CardDAV-Sync free app from your app list to complete some final configuration steps.

  1.  Select “Edit account settings”
  2.  Please enter the following settings:

     One-Way-Sync: Check the box

     Enforce Synchrony: Check the box

     Periodic auto sync: Check the box

     Sync Interval: Change from 1 Day to 30 minutes


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