Recruit Form Integration for Compliance

Recruit Form integration allows staff users to seamlessly integrate staff forms with recruit profiles. As a Compliance Officer, you have the ability to pre-populate your custom built forms as Recruit Forms for coaches to submit from each Recruit Profile. This allows coaches to submit recruiting forms from separate Recruit Profiles. Additionally, you can easily search for recruit forms in All Forms using the detail search field!


Getting Started & Updating Recruit Forms for Compliance

  1. Hover over the Forms tab
  2. Click on Forms Library
  3. Search for the form you wish to update
    1. Note: This must be a Staff form
  4. Click on the Staff Form Name to open the Form Builder
  5. Click on the field name you wish to pre-populate with recruit information
  6. Click on the Gear icon  to open the Edit Field pop-up
  7. In the Edit Field menu, click the Pre-Populate From: dropdown menu to select the corresponding Recruit Merge Code
  8. Repeat steps 5-7 for all Recruit fields to pre-populate the form
  9. Click Save
    1. Note: You must either (a) complete the form setup with steps 10-12 below or (b) if you click Back to Forms Library, be sure to click the checkbox to publish the form
  10. Click Next Step to continue updating the form settings
  11. Click Next Step and select Yes to re-publish the form
  12. Click Save, I’m Finished


Note: Recruit Forms cannot be routed to a Roster Athlete. You have the ability to add a roster dropdown to a form for the purposes of collecting Student Host information for Official/Unofficial Visit Forms.


Integrating Custom Developed Official Visit/Unofficial Visit Forms for Compliance

In the Compliance Settings page, you have the ability to link a single form to the Official Visit or Unofficial Visit Activity.

  1. Hover over the Compliance tab
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Under Form Settings (Applies to All Sports), select the appropriate form to link to either the Add Official Visit or Add Unofficial Visit function button in a Recruit Profile
    • Note: Once linked, when coaches click the Add Official Visit or Add Unofficial Visit button in a Recruit Profile, they will be redirected to the selected form after completing the activity details for the visit.


Searching for Recruit Forms 

  1. Hover over the Forms tab
  2. Click on All Forms
  3. Use the search options to filter your search
    • Note: For Recruit Forms, you can enter the Recruit’s Name in the Detail search field to filter by each specific recruit


Appendix –  Supported Merge Codes for Compliance

Recruit Merge Codes

  1. Full Name
  2. First Name
  3. Last Name
  4. Grad Year
  5. Phone
  6. Mobile Phone
  7. Address1
  8. Address2
  9. City
  10. State
  11. Zip 

Official Visit/Unofficial Visit 

  1. Visit Start Date
  2. Visit Start Time
  3. Visit End Date
  4. Visit End Time


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