SportsBoard Sync Instructions

Our integration with SportsBoard allows coaches to seamlessly transfer tournament events and recruit data from SportsBoard to ACS! To get started with the ACS and SportsBoard Sync, email identifying your SportsBoard account administrator and that you would like to get started with the sync!

Configuration Requirements:

  • Your ACS/SportsBoard sync is configured using your SportsBoard account administrators’ email address
  • The sync will only be configured in one ACS user account

Once you receive notification that your account settings have been updated, follow the steps below to configure your sync:

  1. Login to your ACS system
  2. Hover over the Recruits tab
  3. Click on Settings
  4. Click on SportsBoard Sync Settings
  5. On this screen you will enter your SportsBoard Account Administrators’ email address before designating the information you would like to be transferred to ACS


    • Initial Sync Date – Determine the initial date you wish to begin syncing information from SportsBoard. This will filter athletes and tournaments added to ACS based on the date they were created in SportsBoard. We recommend setting this at least two years prior to the current date, as this will likely encompass athleted currently being recruited. (Ex: a 2017 recruit may have been created in 2015, so your Initial Sync Date would need to be 01/01/2015)
    • Sync Club Team Information by Team Name?Select Yes if you would like to sync Club Team information from SportsBoard to ACS
    • Grad Year – Highlight all Recruit Grad Years you would like to sync from SportsBoard to ACS
    • Recruit Standard Sync Fields
      • Sync – Check this box if you would like to sync this data field from SportsBoard to ACS. Sync will only populate blank fields in ACS with SportsBoard data
      • Overwrite – Check this box if you would like to overwrite existing data in ACS with information in SportsBoard
      • Best Practice: Sync vs. Overwrite ­– Do you update recruiting information in ACS or SportsBoard? If SportsBoard, check both Sync and Overwrite. If ACS, check only Sync.
    • Recruit Custom Sync Fields
      • Sync with – From the dropdown menu, select the field in ACS that corresponds with the field name in SportsBoard 
      • Overwrite – Check this box if you would like to overwrite existing data in ACS with information in SportsBoard

6. Once this screen has been completed, click Save & Return on the bottom of the page

    • Note: Your sync will take place overnight once you have clicked Save & Return

7. Other functions:

    • Sync Now – Once you have clicked Save & Return on the sync configuration page, click this button to immediately transfer SportsBoard data to ACS
      • Note: This may take a few minutes depending on the amount of data that will be transferred
    • Delete Configuration – If you would like to make any changes to your sync after the initial setup, you will need to delete the existing configuration before re-configuring your sync


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