Logging SportsBoard Tournament Evaluations

Once your SportsBoard sync is configured, you can easily log evaluations for each synced event!

Follow the steps below to review and log synced tournaments as evaluations in ACS:

  1. Hover over the Recruits tab
  2. Click on Recruiting Events
  3. Based on information designated to be synced in the configuration, verify that your tournament events from SportsBoard have been successfully added to your Recruiting Events list in ACS

4. Ensure the Assigned Recruits in your ACS Recruiting Events list match the athletes tied to each tournament synced from SportsBoard

    • Click on the hyperlinked number in the Assigned Recruits column to review recruits tied to each event

5. Click the Add Evaluation icon  to the left of the Event Name

  • Note: If there are 0 recruits assigned to a Recruiting Event, the Add Evaluation icon  will not display

6. Complete all fields on Add Evaluation screen

7. Click Next

8. Complete all fields on the Evaluation Details screen

  1. Click Save & Return


Click here to view a help article with SportsBoard sync instructions 

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