How to add a new Contact

Follow the steps below to add a new Contact to your Contact List (High School Coach, Club Team Coach, Booster, Alumni, Camper, etc...):

1. Hover over the Recruits tab

2. Click Contacts

3. Click New Contact 

4. This will pull up your School/Team list on the screen, Use View School/Team Search Options to search for the School or Team associated with your New Contact

  • Note: Each contact in your ACS system must be tied to either a school or team

5. Click on the School/Team Name that you would like to associate with your New Contact

  • If you are adding contacts who are not affiliated with a School/Team (ex: supporter or booster), we recommend assigning them to "School Unknown" 

6. Enter New Contact information 

  • Note: The following fields are required: (1) Contact First Name, (2) Contact Last Name, and (3) Contact Type

7. Click Save & Return

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