Advanced Saved Search – Contacts

Follow the steps below to create advanced searches for contacts:

1. Hover over the Recruits tab

2. Click Contacts

3. Search for specific criteria 

  • Example: If the overall goal is multiple recruiting areas, you will select the first set of criteria (i.e. -Coach Name and School State) in this step, then each subsequent criteria during the repeat in Step 9.

4. Select the checkboxes for the contacts 

5. Click New Note

6. Enter the name of the search you would like to create in the Subject 

7. Enter search criteria for entire search in the Note body

8. Click Save & Return

9. Repeat steps 3-8 for each section of criteria 

10. Enter the Subject of the note into the appropriate box in the Activity Search Options

11. Click the checkbox for Check Box to Save Search

12. Name your Search 

13. Click Save & Return


Searching Tips:

  • To generate a list of HS coaches from multiple coaches' areas, perform the search for each region. Example below:
    • Coach 1 + State
    • Coach 2 + State
    • Coach 3 + State 
    • Etc...
  • To generate a list of HS coaches from multiple counties, perform the search for each county. Example below:
    • County 1 + State
    • County 2 + State 
    • County 3 + State
    • Etc... 
  • Multiple states can be listed in the same search as the School/Team State field is multi-select 
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