How to Configure Playing and Practice Seasons for Summer CARA

For Coaches:

Before you will be able to log Summer CARA hours, your Compliance Office must first Configure the Playing and Practice Seasons.


For Compliance:

Practice logs are configured on a sport-by-sport basis so you will need to Configure Playing and Practice Seasons for each sport at your campus. Summer hours are tracked at the beginning of each Academic Year in ACS. Once your playing and practice seasons have been configured for summer CARA, we recommend that you rollover returning student-athletes to the next academic year – this will allow coaches to log hours for incoming freshmen and transfer students! Remember, coaches will have to switch to the next Academic Year to log summer CARA Logs.

  1. Hover over the Roster tab
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Configure Playing and Practice Seasons
  4. Use the Academic Year: dropdown to select the next Academic year (ex. If the current Academic Year is 2015-2016, then you will select 2016-2017)
  5. Under Step 1, Enter your Academic Year Start Date: and Academic Year End Date: 
    • Note: Setting your Academic Year in step 1 must be completed to configure practice hours including summer segment. Setting these start and end dates will be applied to all sports, so you only have to do this once!
  6. Click Save Academic Year under step 1
  7. Under Step 2, use the Log Practice Hours By: dropdown to designate whether you track practice hours by Time or Duration
  8. Under Step 2, use the Comments Required: dropdown to designate whether you would like to require comments for student-athletes submitted with zero hours 
  9. Click the checkbox next to Track Summer Hours? in order to designate your Summer Hours Start Date, Summer Hours End Date, and Summer Start Day of the Week
    • Note: If you are only configuring your playing and practice season settings for Summer CARA, then you will NOT need to designate your Sport Segments at this time. 
  10. Enter your Summer Hours Start Date, Summer Hours End Date, and Summer Start Day of the Week
  11. Click Save Segment(s) under step 2
  12. Click Enable CARA Logs to complete the Playing and Practice Season setup

Your Playing and Practice Season Settings have now been successfully configured! You can review the CARA/Practice logs by hovering over your Roster tab and clicking on CARA/Practice Logs. 

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