How to Rollover to New Academic Year

Student-Athletes on the Roster List can be added to the next Academic Year from the Roster tab. Student-Athletes can be rolled over in mass on a sport-by-sport basis so you will need to rollover athletes for each sport at your campus. Follow the steps below to rollover student-athletes to the next Academic Year:

1. Hover over the Roster tab

2. Click on Roster List

3. Click the checkboxes to the left of athletes to be moved to another Academic Year

  • Note: Select multiple checkboxes to rollover student-athletes in mass

4. Click More

5. Click Rollover to Next Academic Year 

6. Use the Rollover to Academic Year: dropdown to select the next Academic Year

7. Use the Counter Designation: dropdown to select the student-athletes Counter Status

  • Note: If you are rolling over in mass, you have the ability to Update All of the athletes you checked off by using the Rollover to Academic Year: and Counter Designation: dropdown menus at the top of the screen, and clicking Update All

8. Click Save & Return

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