My spreadsheet of Recruits were added to the incorrect sport. How can I export those recruits and re-import them into the correct sport?

Follow the steps below to export a list of Recruits from the incorrect sport:

1. Hover over the Recruits tab
2. Click on Recruit List
3. Click the checkboxes for Recruits you would like to export data for
4. Use the reports dropdown to select the Extended Report

Note: There is an example of the Extended Report attached to this help article

5. Click the printer icon to download the excel report

6. Save the Extended Report spreadsheet to your computer


Click here to view the original help article on how to export Recruit Data into an Excel Spreadsheet. 


Once you have successfully exported the Extended Report for Recruits who were added to the incorrect sport, you can now import them into the correct sport.

Note: If you exported this Recruit Data by running the Extended Report, your data has already been formatted for import. 

  • The following fields are required for each imported spreadsheet:
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. Grad Year
    4. School Name (If unknown, list School Unknown.)
    5. School City (If unknown, list Unknown.)
    6. School State (If unknown, list UN.)
    7. Team Name (If unknown, list Team Unknown.)
    8. Team City (If unknown, list Unknown.)
    9. Team State (If unknown, list UN.)

Note: An Extended Report import template is attached to this help article


Follow the steps below to import a spreadsheet of athletes and log an evaluation:

  1. Hover over the Recruits tab
  2. Click on Compliance Activities
  3. Click New Evaluation
  4. Update Evaluation Date and Time
  5. Select Viewed a Tournament Contest
  6. Click Next
  7. Click No Host School, Continue to Next Step
  8. Click Continue to Next Step
  9. Click Add Recruit(s) From Spreadsheet
  10. Browse your computer to find the appropriate file
    • Note: Be sure to check the box if your spreadsheet has column headers
  11. Click Upload Spreadsheet
    • Note: You are able to upload up to 500 Recruits at one time
  12. Match all Required and imported fields
    • Note: Should you NOT wish to log an evaluation, you are now done importing recruits from a spreadsheet! Click Save & Return before you hover over the Recruits tab and click Recruit List to view the imported athletes
  13. Click Save & Return to add evaluation details
  14. Complete the Activity Details screen
  15. Click Save

Note: Make sure that you are importing the Recruits into the correct sport! If you are a coach assigned to multiple sports, use the Current Sport dropdown on the top right corner of the screen to select the correct sport. 

Click here to view the original help article with step by step instructions of how to import a spreadsheet of Recruits.


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