How to Create and Update Events for Ticketing

1. Hover over the Roster tab

2. Click on Tickets - Events

3. Click New Event

4. Fill out the Add Event Details. You will be required to fill out the following fields:

  • Event Name
  • Event Date
  • Event Request Start Date (PSA)
  • Event Request End Date (PSA)
  • Event Request Start Date (SA)
  • Event Request End Date (SA)
  • Tickets Per Student-Athlete
  • Tickets Per PSA (Unofficial Visits) 
  • Tickets Per PSA (Official Visits) 
  • Total Tickets for PSA (in sport)
  • Total Tickets for PSA (other sport)

5. Click Save & Return

Note: All added events will appear with details on the Ticket - Events page. Notice the Official Visit default ticket allocation for PSA's is 6 and the Unofficial Visit default ticket allocation is 3.


Follow the steps below to mass update your events:

1. Hover over the Roster tab

2. Click on Tickets - Events

3. Check the checkboxes to the left of the events you wish to update

4. Click the Mass Update button above the event list

5. Select if you would like to Update PSA Ticket Information and/or Update Student-Athlete ticket Information

Note: Default is set to "Do Not Update"

6. Update the event configuration as necessary. You have the ability to mass update Request Start Date and Request End Date based on a) Specific Date or b) Specific Time Before Event

7. Click Apply


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